I still shake my head a little in disbelief...

I stood up in front of one thousand people including the legendary Al Pacino himself and performed an impression. 
It's funny, I had my own scripted piece prepared but I never anticipated Al playing along with it, interrupting it, changing the direction of it & engaging in what turned out to be a real crowd pleasing public conversation. My game plan went totally out the window and the improv' skills needed in the acting game certainly kicked in. 
It started with Al seated up on stage and me addressing him from a standing position at my front table, then as Al realized what I was doing he stood up and started walking towards the front of the stage looking right at me. Without even thinking, I continued while walking right up to the stage. Next thing I know Al is standing right above me and we begin this fantastic exchange of dialogue. 
Suddenly I feel like all Al is missing is the M16 assault rifle he used in Scarface as he's staring down at me!
Right at the end, Al smiled and invited me up on stage. I extended my hand in gratitude but instead he offers me a giant hug and says, "You got some balls kid, I like that!"....
The crowd were fantastic and what an incredible moment in my life & my career.
Later backstage, I got to meet with Al again where he complimented me further by saying, "It takes some balls to do an impression of me in front of me. You got balls kid. I really enjoyed that! You're good. Real good". 
A comment like that from a man like him?!.... That'll do me!

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